Best Weight Loss Tips: Easiest Ways to lose weight


You want to reduce your weight and lose fat but have been tired of those intense exercises and listening to all those confusing pieces of advice. The idea of losing weight is full of misconceptions and myths. You will hear crazy weight loss advice and most of them do not give any significant results even after putting full efforts.


Not to be confused anymore, as now you have come to the right place. Here at MyFitLife blog, you will find the answers to all your questions about weight loss and what you have been missing before. If you manage to adopt these golden rules in your lifestyle then cheers!!! and be sure to buy new size clothes in advance.


Negative Energy Balance

caloriesYou might have heard this hundred times that you need to keep an eye on your calorie intake. Sometimes it seems easy and sometimes it looks very difficult and ends up with so much confusion; right? 

Relax! You don’t have to count every single calorie you take. Just remember this simple rule that you can lose weight if you use more energy than you consume (Calorie Intake < Calorie burnt). This is called negative energy balance

Increase Calorie Usage Instead of Reducing the Intake

But one should be careful while reducing the calorie intake and not to look for extreme fat loss, as a diet plan with anything less than 1200-1000 calories per day will lack essential nutrients and this can lead to a weak immune system and may invite so many health problems.

Remember, our goal is to use more energy than we consume, not to reduce consumption. That means you should increase the calorie usage, so just focus on physical activities more than dieting. 

Gaining lost weight is very often if it was reduced by dieting.

Make Sure Your Body Uses Fat as the Energy Source Instead of Muscle

When we intend to use more energy than we consume, our body seeks for energy, and that can be obtained from two sources; fat or muscle tissues. Now comes the intellectual part! Nobody wants to lose muscles over fat, right?

To make sure your body uses fat as the energy source instead of muscle, you need to give the message to your body that muscle tissues are more important for it by using muscle more often and hard, i.e workout. 

Apart from this, you should feed the muscle tissues with their favorite fuel protein and some other essential nutrition to prevent muscle loss.


Forget Dieting & Focus on Time and Place

Yes, you read it right. Forget the dieting, just focus on timing and place of eating.

We all know that to reduce weight we need to avoid fat, oils, cakes, sweets and this and that and so on. Yes, it is true that we should keep an eye on the amount while having our favorite food but this doesn’t mean you have to cut them off from your life. 

Researches show that it’s not only the type of food that matters to our health but also the timing and the place of eating.

A study suggests that time-restricted eating can help a lot in reducing fat.

Some point you need to focus on time-restricted eating includes;

Keep All the Distractions Aside

Eating while watching your favorite show, chatting, or any distracting activity can make you eat more than normal. So focus on your meal even if you are alone.

Have Breakfast a Bit Late

This is a very crucial part of time-restricted eating as this is the first meal of the day. You might have heard that you should not skip breakfast if you want to lose weight, and that’s right. But here the trick is to have breakfast just a little bit later than usual like after 50-70 minutes you wake up. This will encourage your body to burn the body fat to get the required energy.

Just make sure you don’t do it too late as this will lead to starting muscle loss and then you might also end up with eating more than usual.

Drink Coffee But Without Sugar and Milk

You might have already heard about the coffee and weight loss connection but you still have the question in your mind, does coffee help you lose weight? Well, the answer is yes!!

Coffee contains a number of stimulants, most importantly caffeine. Not only does caffeine increase your metabolic rate, but it also makes you more alert.

By raising blood levels of epinephrine (adrenaline), caffeine promotes the release of fatty acids from fat tissue.

Caffeine increases your resting metabolic rate, which means it increases the number of calories you burn at rest.

People may build up a tolerance to the effects of caffeine. For this reason, drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages may be an ineffective weight-loss strategy in the long term.

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. The most important substance found in coffee is caffeine, caffeine is used as widely in commercial fat burning products and supplements. 


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