In today’s busy life, many people find it difficult to reduce weight. It seems impossible to start a new diet or going to the gym after a busy and tiring schedule.

So, how to lose weight without exercise and putting those hard efforts into the daily routine?

Probably you have heard of the link between coffee and weight loss and the effects of coffee on weight loss, especially the black coffee. Many athletes consider using coffee to lose weight fast, boost their metabolic rate, reduce fat and gain extra energy through fats. So, does coffee burn fat? Yes! It does and to get the most out of your coffee, you should drink it black (without sugar).

Drinking black coffee the fat-fighting process of the body. A study by researchers at the University of Nottingham said; “Coffee may help in stimulating our brown fat reserve, which is known as brown adipose tissue and plays an important role in quickly burning calories”.

Effectiveness Of Black Coffee In Weight Loss


Black Coffee Contains No Calories

Without milk and sugar, black coffee is free from calories. You should drink it black without adding anything to get the maximum results.

It could give you some energy and boost fat burning, resulting in more energy without taking any extra calories.

Black Coffee Boost Metabolism

One cannot lose weight without focusing on metabolism. A higher metabolism means burning calories at a higher rate resulting in reducing fat faster. 

So, how to increase metabolism without exercise? The answer is Black Coffee.

Black Coffee mainly contains caffeine, caffeine in coffee helps lose weight by increasing your metabolism very significantly along with the RMR (resting metabolic rate). RMR is the number of calories one can burn while being inactive. Lots of athletes use black coffee as a pre workout or stimulant before their training to burn fat more efficiently.

But apart from caffeine effect on metabolism, there is one concern associated with regular consumption of caffeine, it is addictive and it can be bad for health at the same time if one drinks too much caffeine in daily routine.


Ultimately, black coffee is an excellent stimulant to include in your routine for weight loss. But you should avoid drinking too much caffeine or it can be harmful to overall health. Some people have a low tolerance for caffeine while some can drink more coffee without getting in trouble.

It is advisable to keep it’s consumption in the limit to avoid any risk while getting the most of out its benefits in terms of weight loss