When it comes to nutrition and health, anybody can get confused easily. Even some specialists do not hold alike opinions when they give health tips.

Yet, despite all the arguments, there are some tips and facts that no one could deny.

So, to save you from getting confused about what to follow and what not to!!!

Here Are Some of the Best Fitness and Health Tips to Start

Set a Realistic Goal

Whatever your motive is, it is important for you to set a goal or target to work on. You might choose to gain or lose weight according to your current physical conditions, but make sure the targets you set are realistic and achievable, like; 5kg over the next two or three months.

As you complete your target and achieve your goal, you should set another one while raising the bar a little bit.

Say No to Sugar

Sugar is like a slow poison for your health and somehow it is the most fattening ingredient you can take in your diet. Furthermore, a high intake of sugar can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart desire and many more risky conditions that can ruin your health.

Physical Activity

It is important to challenge your body and elevate your heart rate sometimes. There are plenty of options to challenge your body like swimming, strength training or weight lifting, running, dancing and many more.


If you are not a gym person, then you can consider some aerobic activity called cardio which is very effective at reducing belly fat. The ultimate goal is to be active!!

But make sure not to push yourself to the extent that can make you rest on the bed for more than normal.

Listen to Music

Listening to your favorite music can do wonders regarding your physical and mental health as well. Music can also give you that extra motivation during your workouts even when you are not in the mood. Next time you leave from home, make sure to create a playlist of songs you would like to listen while running, walking or working out, try to include some energetic music to boost the adrenalin in your blood.

Increase Your Water Intake

You might have heard this advice a lot in your life! Because this is one of the most important factors when it comes to health. Drinking adequate water can have infinite benefits.

It can also help you to boost your metabolism and burn more calories!

Keeping your body well hydrated will result in good blood flow with all the nutrition required to keep you fit and healthy. That is why a good water bottle is a very popular option when it comes to choosing a gift for fitness enthusiasts.

Sleep Enough

No matter how much you workout, the number of calories you burn and the amount of protein you take, if you don’t get enough sleep. As we work throughout the day, our muscle tissues tend to tear and our body heels itself with all the nutritions when we sleep. It is like a shutdown in a factory where all the procedure takes place to keep it running the next day!


Poor sleep and result in insulin resistance, reduce mental health and can lead to obesity and unwanted weight gain.


Being healthy is not that business that you can enjoy with one-time investment, it is an ongoing journey that requires a commitment to yourself and you can achieve this by following these health tips.